Our Loyal Squires

Lord Jeffery's Squires

Destiny Bullard- Kestrel Mackenzie

Lord Jeffery's Knight-in-Training/Head Squire

Destiny joined the group in February 2011 and hails from Bristol, Connecticut. Her favorite weapon is the dussack. Her personal colors are purple, black, and gold.

Character Bio:
Kestrel was born in Glenfinnan, Scotland. The youngest child – and only daughter – of a metal smith/merchant who ran the village’s smithy along with most of Kestrel’s male relatives, she grew up a bit wild, and with very little female influence. Her mother, an aunt, and two cousins were the only other born-Mackenzie women. The whole extended family lived in a cluster up on a ridge above the village, and, being the youngest and smallest, she was often overlooked. However, this worked more in Kestrel’s favor, than against her.

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Noah Oquendo- Massimo Flamenco Oquendo

Lord Jeffery's Fighting Squire

Noah joined the Knights of Gore in 2013 all the way from Meriden, Connecticut. His favorite weapons are the Montante/Spadone and long sword. His personal colors are red, purple, and black.

Character Bio:
Massimo is of the noble house Oquendo, which has fought in the Reconquista of Spain for centuries. Sent by his father to fight his family’s enemy he has experienced the horrors of war and has committed many horrors himself and has decided to travel learn and contemplate what he has seen and done as penance. He now fights for Lord Jeffery a man he believes can show him honor again.


Ruby Raines

Lord Jeffery's Fighting Squire/Lead Marshall

Ruby joined the Knights of Gore in December 2016 and hails from N. Smithfield, Rhode Island. Her personal colors are red and white with a gold accent.


Jullie Pudem Scanlon- Joia Des Rennes

Lord Jeffery's Arming Squire/Seamstress

Character Bio:
Joia began her career as a Lady in Waiting, following in the footsteps of her Aunt who was her role model.
Disillusioned with being stuck in a castle tending to a single lady, she left one warm summer evening to become a traveling seamstress and dressmaker. Well-loved in the village of Rennes, she borrowed a cart from a good friend and began selling throughout the region, initially catering to the needs of the common folk.

Soon she realized that the common folk could not afford to pay her for her time, and she decided to reorient her creations toward military and nobility with increasing quality of production.

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Sir Ronan's Squires

Dave Durfee- Federick of Flanders

Sir Ronan's Arming Squire/Camp Cook

Character Bio:
Federick was born into a family of servitude. His father before him was the cook for a prominent household of the time, his mother, a chambermaid for the lady of the house. Federick at a young age showed interest in his father’s work as a cook and soon found himself helping in the kitchen when he was old enough. After the death of his father, Federick took over the role for the next generation of the house. When the fights of the crusades took over the land, Federick defended his home as best he could. Lord Jeffery amid the fighting took refuge in what he thought was the abandoned home of Federick. Federick seeing Lord Jeffery exhausted and hungry fed him and allowed him to stay in the safety of the home. In return, Lord Jeffery allowed Federick to join him to help feed his now growing army. When the visiting knight, Sir Ronan, saw Federick messing around with the swords one evening, he saw the potential of a fighter and took Federick under his wing as a squire. Federick has proven to be a competent squire, but his first love is his true passion, cooking.


Noah Wheeler- Cornelius Albrecht III

Sir Ronan's Fighting Squire

Noah joined the Knights in January of 2019 and hails from Worcester, Massachusetts. His favorite weapon is the short sword paired with a shield. His personal colors are blue and white.

Character Bio:
Cornelius is from the Brandenburg area of Germany; his father was a glassblower and his grandfather had once been a crusader. When all men capable of fighting in his hometown were called, Cornelius’s father was a coward and managed to avoid the call to arms. This was a great source of dishonor for Cornelius’s family, and he was forced to live with this shame for many years. This was until Lord Jeffery came through the area and saw potential in Cornelius’s strength and agreed to give him a chance to reclaim his family’s honor on the field of battle.

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Sir Altan's Squires

Nikki Da'Bronzo- Nathalia Romanov

Sir Altan's Arming Squire and Wife

Nikki joined the group in May of 2017. She hails from Woonsocke, Rhode Island and her preferred weapon of choice are poisons. Her personal colors are yellow and white.

Character Bio:
Nathalia is the wife of Altan al Faris. She is the daughter of a high prince of the Golden Hoard. When her father fell out of favor with the Mongols he arranged for her sister to marry a powerful former Mamlk warrior now residing in the Il-khanate to strengthen alliances. That warrior was Altan. Days before her sister was set to depart on the journey she mysteriously went missing. Her father, not wanting to break the alliance sent Nathalia in her place.

Jesse Bessette- Radin

Sir Altan's Squire

Radin was born in the part of Transoxania ruled by the Golden Horde just south of today’s Aral Sea, to a mixed family, with a Persian mother and Mongol father. He learned religion from his mother and was raised Zoroastrian, but taught to fight and served for a short time in the Golden Horde under Tokhtamysh until he was defeated by Timur. Put out of work, Radin wandered through the Timurid Empire eventually finding himself at an inn near Samarqand. When he was recognized as part of the Golden Horde, a patron began to insult him, which he tolerated, until he said some rather unpleasant things about his mother. In his outrage, Radin threw the man outside, and found himself in a fistfight, until Altan, who happened to be walking by, stopped him and offered him employment in Timur’s army under his command. Agreeing to this, Radin began learning the fighting arts of the Persians, squiring under Altan.


Jacob Hawkins- Koba "Black Wolf" Volkov

Sir Altan's Squire

Jacob hails from Danielson, Connecticut.

Character Bio:
Koba’s appearance suggests a very busy mind, but, a quiet mouth. He’s i
dentifiable by a stern, intense, face in times of focus or challenge, but typically bearing an expressionless calm face.

Koba hails from the Black Wolf clan of the snowy mountainous regions of northern (Russia) Koba, and any boy born into the Black Wolf clan were raised to bare hatred for the Koslov clan, and any who encroached on their land, beliefs, or silver. The Koslov clan, when Koba was but a small boy, laid siege to the Black Wolf clans village in a heinous manor. They pillaged and murdered many of the Black Wolf clans most respected and powerful men and women, taking with them all material goods including every ounce of silver they could find.

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Carlo Lombardo- Soren Osulf

Sir Altan's Squire

Carlo’s bio is a work in progress! Check back for updates very soon!

Sir Thomas's Squires

Jessica Esposito- Lady Accalia Rogers

Sir Thomas's Arming Squire

Jessica officially joined in 2016, though she had been volunteering since 2014. Jessica hails from Naugatuck, Connecticut.

Character Bio:
Accalia was born on a ship leaving Italy, on a warm spring morning. She has no nation or country to call her birthplace origin for she was born on the sea. Her father (Antonio) is a wealthy sea merchant in trading goods. Her mother (Gwendolyn) is a free spirited gypsy from Italy. Accalia has one older brother named Pasquale. Accalia was sailing with her father when a horrible storm hit and their ship went down..being in separate life boats she got separated from her father and the crew. Earl Rogers happened to be sailing by on his own merchant trade when he found her half dead. He took her aboard his ship and they sailed together a couple months, as he brought Accalia back home her family.

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Kristina Beach- Raynagh Solanh

Sir Thomas's Fighting Squire/Social Media Coordinator

Kristina joined with the Knights in October 2018 hailing from Shelton, Connecticut. At this time, she does not have a favorite weapon. Her personal colors are orange, purple, and white.

Character Bio:

Raynagh’s mother was a Lady of the French court, who’s father arranged a marriage to a wealthy Baron. When her mother found out about the arrangement, she feared loosing the man she actually loved and fled her father, leaving her titled and privileged life behind.
Raynagh’s father was a simple land owning farmer, who led a modest, but comfortable life as such. The two moved away from the noble life she gave up and settled into the countryside of France, to start their family; 3 boys later, Raynagh was born 4th and lastly.
Raynagh’s mother fell ill when Raynagh was nearly 2, and her passing left her to be raised by her three older brothers and father. Needless to say, she grew up rough housing, sparring, and all an all more like a little boy than the young lady she was

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House Squires


Liz Dugas- Emery Gato

House Squire/Chiurgeon

Liz joined the Knights in January of 2018, hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts. Her personal colors are black and white.

Character Bio:
Emery was the oldest of a widowed soldier, forced to raise her siblings when her father was called to war and her mother called back to God. She raised her 3 younger siblings in the lavender fields of southern France by herself. The townspeople called her “Squirrel” for her speed and agility, both in family life and odd jobs around town that she would complete. After joining Lord Jeffery, her family well taken care of in various apprenticeships, she still uses her speed and her skill with the little ones to take her far.

Marco Weiss- Marco Zamboni

House Squire/ Boffer Ring

Marco hails from Monroe, Connecticut and has been with the Knights since 2016. His personal colors are red and black.


Drew Wheeler- Aeron Banes

House Squire/Boffer Ring

Drew started with the Knights in September of 2018, hailing from Dayville, Connecticut. He is still learning weapons and has yet to pick a favorite. His personal colors are brown and blue.

Character Bio:

Aeron is the second son of a landowning farmer from Wales. Aeron’s mother was a Lady of the French court, who’s father arranged a marriage to a wealthy Baron. When his mother found out about the arrangement, she feared loosing the man she actually loved and fled her father, leaving her titled and privileged life behind.
Aeron’s father helped his mother flee, keeping her protected from being found.
The two moved away from the noble life she gave up and settled into the countryside of France, to start their family; 3 boys and 1 girl, Tristan, Aeron, Estillo, and Raynagh. Aeron’s mother fell ill and passed shortly there after, when Aeron was 4 years old, leaving his father to raise 4 children on his own.

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