Loyal Squires

Lord Jeffery's Squires

Noah Oquendo- Massimo Flamenco Oquendo


Noah joined the Knights of Gore in 2013 all the way from Meriden, Connecticut. His favorite weapons are the Montante/Spadone and long sword. His personal colors are red, purple, and black.

Character Bio:
Massimo is of the noble house Oquendo, which has fought in the Reconquista of Spain for centuries. Sent by his father to fight his family’s enemy he has experienced the horrors of war and has committed many horrors himself and has decided to travel learn and contemplate what he has seen and done as penance. He now fights for Lord Jeffery a man he believes can show him honor again.

Ruby Raines

Fighting Squire/Lead Marshall

Ruby joined the Knights of Gore in December 2016 and hails from N. Smithfield, Rhode Island. Her personal colors are red and white with a gold accent.


Emma Graydon- Aurelia

Sir Jeffrey's Personal Arming Squire

Emma joined the Knights of Gore in 2021 and is from Farmington, CT

Character Bio:
Aurelia is one of the mysterious folk, and as such, when she decides to share her story, we will be glad to share it with you.

Ayla Butler - Arey

Arming Squire

Ayla joined the Knights of Gore in 2022 and hails from Litchfield, CT

Character Bio:
Hailing from Northwest England, Arey is the tenth out of twelve children of a noble household. With all their elder brothers going on to hold positions of importance or land, and all of their elder sisters married off into other nobility, there was little left for the tenth born. Not wanting to simply marry some nobleman, Arey struck out in the world with the hopes of making their own path in life. They shed their given name, simply becoming known by their family name: Arey. Upon traveling through the countryside in search of something greater, they came across Lord Jeffery’s band and requested to join, willing to do any odd tasks around camp and eager to learn to fight. It is there, they hope to make a true name for themself.


Tyler Schroader- Henry

House Squire

Tyler joined the Knights of Gore in 2021 when he went off to Faire in his hometown of Harwinton, Connecticut.

Character Bio:
Henry is one of the mysterious folk, and as such, when he decides to share his story, we will be glad to share it with you.

Lochlainn Adams - Loch Torrikson

House Squire

Loch joined the Knights of Gore in 2021

Character Bio:
Loch’s background is shrouded in suspense and mystery. Once the past has been revealed, we will share it with you.


Thomas Budris Jr.

Page/Boffer Fighter

Thomas joined the troupe in the before times, when records were easily lost as the group traversed across the lands.

Character Bio:
Our pages are typically so busy in day to day encampment life, that they’re usually spending their free time getting water, food, and finding a nice shady place to rest. Once we find some free time for our hard working pages to tell their stories, when they aren’t recuperating, we will share what we know.

Sir Ronan's Squires

Wendy Niemi - Suvi of Finland

Sir Ronan's Lady/Knight-In-Training/Healer

Wendy joined the group in 2021, and hails from Moodus, CT. You can ususally catch her on the field with a buckler and a mace, giggling as she’s using both to hit her opponents.

Character Bio: Sir Ronan got separated from KOG during a fierce battle, and was wounded. Suvi found him and as she was working to heal him -they were ambushed. Ronan realized Suvi was more than just a healer, but also a fierce warrior. After smiting the enemy, and nursing Sir Ronan back to health, the couple reunited with the Knights of Gore, where Suvi was welcomed as a fighter and a healer in the group. Sir Ronan and Suvi have since fallen in love, and wed.


Drew Wheeler- Aeron Banes


Drew started with the Knights in September of 2018, hailing from Baltic, Connecticut. He is still learning weapons and has yet to pick a favorite. His personal colors are brown and blue.

Character Bio:

Aeron is the second son of a landowning farmer from Wales. Aeron’s mother was a Lady of the French court, who’s father arranged a marriage to a wealthy Baron. When his mother found out about the arrangement, she feared loosing the man she actually loved and fled her father, leaving her titled and privileged life behind.
Aeron’s father helped his mother flee, keeping her protected from being found.
The two moved away from the noble life she gave up and settled into the countryside of France, to start their family; 3 boys and 1 girl, Tristan, Aeron, Estillo, and Raynagh. Aeron’s mother fell ill and passed shortly there after, when Aeron was 4 years old, leaving his father to raise 4 children on his own.

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Sarah Zordan - Eiliswintha (Eila) of Frankfurt

Sir Ronan's Personal Arming Squire/Social Media and Recruitment Director

Sarah joined the Knights of Gore in 2021, where she practically waltzed in and started putting armor on people. She also is an assistant instructor at Laurel City Historical Fencing in Winsted, CT.

Character Bio:
Eiliswintha (Eila for short) is a noblewoman from Frankfurt, with a twin sister, Hildegarde. Her father kept trying to marry them off, but she kept threatening her, and her sister’s suitors with death. Her father hired a swordmaster, Christoph, to teach Eila’s brothers. Once Christoph felt that it was time he could move on, Eila offered to be his patroness if he would teach her as well. Eila’s father, now realizing that it was no use in arguing with the headstrong woman, agreed to allow for Eila to travel with Christoph (though grudgingly), that he wouldn’t marry off her sister, and let Eila retain her title. On their travels, they met up with Lord Jeffrey and Sir Ronan. Eila, being the unabashed, unapologetic woman she is, was interested in the encampment she saw, marched into camp, and started arming Ronan. Ronan was amused by Eila’s temperament and warrior spirit, impressed by Christoph’s extensive knowledge and skills, and invited Eila and Christoph to stay.

Marco Weiss- Marco Zamboni

House Squire

Marco hails from Monroe, Connecticut and has been with the Knights since 2016. His personal colors are red and black.

Matthew Zordan

House Squire

Matthew joined in 2021 having always surrounded himself with the cool sharp and pointy things in life. He is always willing to jump in and do all the crafty things that the group needs.


Derek Batz

House Squire

Derek is an elven druid who spends much of his time making wonderful elixirs of mead and joined the Knights of Gore in 2022, He is the owner of Dragonfire Meadery in Coventry, CT. Dragonfire Meadery is a place of creation for flavorful, beautifully crafted meads and wines. When he can, Derek enjoys visiting the encampment and helping out.

Skyland Thompson - Hildegarde (Hilda)

House Squire

Sky joined the troupe in 2023.

Character Bio: Hildegarde, or Hilda for short, is Lady Eila’s twin sister. When Eila left for her adventures with Christoph, Hilda was sent to live with their mother’s sister in Norway, with the hopes that far, far away from Eila’s rebellious spirit, Hilda would learn to be a nice and proper lady in society. What Hilda and Eila’s father didn’t know, was that the aunt in Norway was well versed in making potions, poultices, and the like, and taught everything she knew to Hilda. When Eila wrote to her sister about the adventures that she was having with the Knights of Gore, Hilda packed up her apothecary set, complete with medicinal and occasionally volatile concoctions, and rejoined her sister within the Knights of Gore encampment.


Zackary England - Isaac Tudor

House Squire

Zackary joined the troupe in 2023.

Character Bio: Isaac is an apprentice to our herald. Isaac prefers to stay the aloof handsome herald’s apprentice for now, as he knows it adds to his charm.

Alyson Wheeler

House Squire

Alyson has been a huge supporter of the Knights of Gore and her son, Drew.

Character Bio:
Mama Wheeler is a treasure, and that is beyond contestation.


Chris (Cluck) McCloskey - Fergus McClucksky

House Squire

Chris joined the troupe in 2023.

Character Bio: From the cold, rugged highlands of Braigh Mharr, Fergus McClucksky was a known fighter and lover of food. You’ll always find him with a plate of some food in hand or on the field, fighting with a big smile on his face. But due to some brutal winters and lack of work, Fergus resorted to traveling south to find either. After a long, cold march, he stumbled upon the holdings of Gore, and attempted to steal food to make it further south, where he planned to join a group of mercinaries. What he did not plan for, was the guards catching him and the ensuing fight to escape. Fighting tooth and nail, despite being near starvation, Swordmaster Christoph and Lady Eila recognized that Fergus needed assistance, not punishment, and asked the knights to allow him to stay and regain his honor by fighting with them. Eila and Christoph introduced Fergus to Sir Ronan, who recognized Fergus’s skill and saw even more potential. Sir Ronan welcomed Fergus into his house – House of the Dark Sword.

Parker - Mathias

Page/Boffer Fighter

Parker joined the troup in 2021.

Character Bio:
Our pages are typically so busy in day to day encampment life, that they’re usually spending their free time getting water, food, and finding a nice shady place to rest. Once we find some free time for our hard working pages to tell their stories, when they aren’t recuperating, we will share what we know.


Emelia - Luna


Emelia joined the troup in 2021.

Character Bio:
Our pages are typically so busy in day to day encampment life, that they’re usually spending their free time getting water, food, and finding a nice shady place to rest. Once we find some free time for our hard working pages to tell their stories, when they aren’t recuperating, we will share what we know.

Sir Thomas's Squires

Jessica Esposito - Lady Accalia Rogers

Sir Thomas's Lady/ Sir Thomas's Personal Arming Squire

Jessica officially joined in 2016, though she had been volunteering since 2014. Jessica hails from Naugatuck, Connecticut.

Character Bio:
Accalia was born on a ship leaving Italy, on a warm spring morning. She has no nation or country to call her birthplace origin for she was born on the sea. Her father (Antonio) is a wealthy sea merchant in trading goods. Her mother (Gwendolyn) is a free spirited gypsy from Italy. Accalia has one older brother named Pasquale. Accalia was sailing with her father when a horrible storm hit and their ship went down..being in separate life boats she got separated from her father and the crew. Earl Rogers happened to be sailing by on his own merchant trade when he found her half dead. He took her aboard his ship and they sailed together a couple months, as he brought Accalia back home her family.

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Liz Wheeler - Emery von Brandenburg

Sir Cornelius's Lady/Knight-in-Training/Healer

Liz joined the Knights in January of 2018, hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts. Her personal colors are blue and yellow.

Character Bio:
Emery was the oldest of a widowed soldier, forced to raise her siblings when her father was called to war and her mother called back to God. She raised her 3 younger siblings in the lavender fields of southern France by herself. The townspeople called her “Squirrel” for her speed and agility, both in family life and odd jobs around town that she would complete. After joining Lord Jeffery, her family well taken care of in various apprenticeships, she still uses her speed and her skill with the little ones to take her far. She has since married her beloved, Sir Cornelius.


Seth Hubbard - Sefi Dawn Aswell

House Squire

Seth joined the Knights of Gore in 2023.

Character Bio:
Sefi Dawnheart, the 7th child of a simple Scottish farmer, was a precocious young kid. Their mother would swear they’ve smiled since their birth, and started walking and speaking as soon as Sefi knew they should do those things, and continues to be a treasure to their family. Sefi had a love for adventure, and could always be found exploring, climbing, and tinkering (just to figure out how things worked) and then drawing what they saw. The amount of times Sefi was found up a tree, smiling and laughing at the pleasure of drawing, their family thought too often to count. Sefi had heard tales of a knight from their town in their area, that had joined with a travelling group of fighters, and deciding that a life of adventure was for them. Telling their family of their plans, they packed what they could, set off for the Knights of Gore encampment, and discovering where they were, introduced themselves and asked to join. Seeing Sefi’s positive outlook, the knights welcomed them immediately.

Sir Douglas's Squires


Susan Kirsch - Susannah

House Squire

Susan has been in Knights of Gore since 2022.

Character Bio:
Susannah, now Squire and Steward to the House of the Rising Sun and The Knights of Gore, grew up in the town surrounding the manor of Sir Ronan’s family. She was trained in herbalism, healing, brewing, and needlework by her mother and the other women of the village. She became a servant and confidante to Ronan’s mother, being about the same age as the Lady. She was agreeably married to a member of Ronan’s father’s staff at the Lady’s behest. Ronan’s father led his soldiers to defend their home, and although victorious, Susannah’s husband was killed in the fighting. Coincidentally, Susannah and the Lady gave birth a few months apart, with the Lady and Lord naming their son Ronan. The Lady’s health and duties interfered with her tasks, and so Susannah became nursemaid to Ronan. Susannah was later given again in marriage to Sir Douglas of the House of the Rising Sun. She maintains her position as a valued member of Sir Ronan’s extended family.

Sir Joia's Squires

Aaron Donati - Oslan

Sir Joia's Personal Arming Squire/KOG Chef

Aaron has been with the Knights of Gore since 2022.

Character Bio:
Oslan is a fierce warrior and an excellent chef. Whether you fight him on the field of honor, or satiate your hunger with his culinary masterpieces, you will be more than satisfied with his skill. His background is currently surrounded in mystery.


Andrew Hilliard - Agiefan (Age) Lederman

House Squire

Andrew joined the Knights of Gore in 2023

Character Bio: Agiefan grew up the 5th child and son of a family of famously talented Lederman from Yorkshire England. He was called “Age” by his beloved brothers, because despite being the baby, he was always known as the one who was the most mature and focused, though he did love joking around as well. Age would sit for hours by his father and grandfather, learning the craft of tanning and leather work, while his grandfather would recount all the adventures that he went on as a boy. when Age was old enough, knowing that his father already had four sons ready to take over the craft locally, decided to go out and make his own adventures. Age left with his father and grandfather’s blessing, with the promise that he would occasionally visit to teach them what he learned from other leather workers, and with that, Age started traveling between towns making leather goods and repairs. Lord Knight, Jeffrey, of the Knights of Gore came into a town for supplies, when they saw Age’s work and offered for him to join the encampment, to be a welcome addition to their campaign.


Sir Cornelius's Squires


Michael Edwards - Jokul

Sir Cornelius's Personal Arming Squire

Michael joined the Knights of Gore in 2022.

Character Bio:
Jokul is a tricksy, mysterious sort at the moment, so there isn’t anything known. Once his past has been revealed, we will reveal it to you.

Jared Baker - Ian MacNeill

Arming Squire/Boffer Lead

Jared has been with the Knights of Gore since 2022.

Character Bio:
Squire Ian MacNeill was born in a small irish village before being brought to Narbonne at a young age where he grew up assisting at the port eventually joining the crew of a merchant ship. As a young adult, the crew of such a ship eventually resorted to piracy which Ian disagreed with, one night while stopped at port, Ian encountered Sir Ronan and (the at the time) Squire Joia and quickly found a new crew though his old crew mates don’t take too kindly to the desertion


Daniel Slamons - Dimitri Leviathan

House Squire

Daniel joined the Knights of Gore in 2019.

Character Bio:
D. Leviathan just is.

Trevor Boman - Brother Tristan

House Squire

Trevor joined the Knights of Gore in 2022.

Character Bio:
Tristan is the son of a farmer, who, after a brief stint as a crusader, joined a monastery and engrossed himself in exploring a whole new world. Education. He enjoyed life in the monastery, it was regimented and scheduled like a crusading army. while also being peaceful and full of scholarly pursuits. Yet, he missed many aspects of military life; the travel, meeting new people, and weapon training. In the end Tristan left the monastery and attached himself to the first mercenary band he found, the Knights of Gore. He currently serves as Sir Corelius’s Confessor and advisor but also as a competent fighter, should the need arise.


House Squires

Jesse Bessette- Radin

Knight-in-Training/Light Kit Lead

Radin was born in the southern part of the territory belonging to the Golden Horde. His father, a member of Tokhtamysh’s court, raised him, as his mother died during childbirth. He was taught the ways of courtly life in the Golden Horde, and he learned to fight and served for a short time in the Golden Horde under Tokhtamysh until his defeat at the hands of Timur-e lang. Following this defeat, the Golden Horde collapsed, and Radin was forced out of a job. So, he took to roaming, eventually finding himself in the territories of Timur. His arms and armor branding him as a Mongol, he frequently suffered abuse at the hands of Timurid citizens, however he gave as good as he received. One night, while sitting for supper at an inn, another patron came up to him and insulted him and his mother. Radin had had enough, and sought to fight this man, challenging him to a duel. Unbeknownst to him, diplomats from the Timurid court saw this and following Radin’s victory, offered him a place. He quickly rose through the ranks of the court, proving adept at not just combat, but strategy and diplomacy. One day, he was informed of a new task handed down directly from Timur, himself. Radin was to make his way west to Europe as an emissary of Timur, seeking alliances with the Catholic powers there in an attempt to garner support for a war with the Ottoman Turks. He packed quickly and departed, eventually finding himself in France, and in the company of Lord Jeffery of Gore. He seeks their support, but first, must help them to reclaim Lord Jeffery’s territory.

Nikki Da'Bronzo- Nathalia Romanov

Arming Squire

Nikki joined the group in May of 2017. She hails from Woonsocke, Rhode Island and her preferred weapon of choice are poisons. Her personal colors are yellow and white.

Character Bio:
Nathalia is the wife of Altan al Faris. She is the daughter of a high prince of the Golden Hoard. When her father fell out of favor with the Mongols he arranged for her sister to marry a powerful former Mamlk warrior now residing in the Il-khanate to strengthen alliances. That warrior was Altan. Days before her sister was set to depart on the journey she mysteriously went missing. Her father, not wanting to break the alliance sent Nathalia in her place.

Dave Durfee - Federick of Flanders

Arming Squire

Character Bio:
Federick was born into a family of servitude. His father before him was the cook for a prominent household of the time, his mother, a chambermaid for the lady of the house. Federick at a young age showed interest in his father’s work as a cook and soon found himself helping in the kitchen when he was old enough. After the death of his father, Federick took over the role for the next generation of the house. When the fights of the crusades took over the land, Federick defended his home as best he could. Lord Jeffery amid the fighting took refuge in what he thought was the abandoned home of Federick. Federick seeing Lord Jeffery exhausted and hungry fed him and allowed him to stay in the safety of the home. In return, Lord Jeffery allowed Federick to join him to help feed his now growing army. When the visiting knight, Sir Ronan, saw Federick messing around with the swords one evening, he saw the potential of a fighter and took Federick under his wing as a squire. Federick has proven to be a competent squire, but his first love is his true passion, cooking.

Kim Smith - Tove Hrafnsdóttir

Kim joined the Knights of Gore in 2023

Character Bio: Tove Hrafnsdóttir grew up in a small hamlet near Uppsala. Her father, Hrafn, was a blacksmith; and her mother, Embla, was a local healer and midwife. Tove spent much of her young life at her mother’s side, learning to care for the sick and injured.
When a fever swept the hamlet, Tove accompanied her mother treating those who fell ill. But by the third day, even Embla and Hrafn had taken to their bed with fever. By the end of the week, Tove was among only seven remaining in their small village. Left with few other options, she headed to Uppsala looking for work. Tove found what honest work she could, mending clothes, attempting to serve as a ladies maid, but to no avail. Quickly learning that her rough speech didn’t help her as a ladies maid, and her temper made her a poor barmaid, she dressed as a young man and headed to the docks. She took employment on a merchant ship headed to Spain, but was put to shore on the coast of France as soon as she was found out as a woman. Looking for warmth and food, Tove soon wandered into a camp. She was drawn to one tent in particular by the hammering of steel (and periodic cursing) that made her think of home. She had found the Armory tent of the Knights of Gore, and Archibald Winters, Esq. Archibald took pity on the ragged woman, and shared his food and fire. Soon Tove was helping Archibald with minor tasks and repairs, and helped some of the other members of the encampment with their injuries. She had found a new home. Tove does her best to help around camp as needed. You can often find her speaking with visitors, arming squires before combat, or lending minor aid to the injured. But despite her other duties, she will always work her way back to the Armory tent.



Tom Budris

Tom has been a part of the knights of Gore for many moons.


Jacob Hawkins- Koba "Black Wolf" Volkov

Sir Altan's Squire

Jacob hails from Danielson, Connecticut.

Character Bio:
Koba’s appearance suggests a very busy mind, but, a quiet mouth. He’s i
dentifiable by a stern, intense, face in times of focus or challenge, but typically bearing an expressionless calm face.

Koba hails from the Black Wolf clan of the snowy mountainous regions of northern (Russia) Koba, and any boy born into the Black Wolf clan were raised to bare hatred for the Koslov clan, and any who encroached on their land, beliefs, or silver. The Koslov clan, when Koba was but a small boy, laid siege to the Black Wolf clans village in a heinous manor. They pillaged and murdered many of the Black Wolf clans most respected and powerful men and women, taking with them all material goods including every ounce of silver they could find.

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Maggie O'Leary-Weiss

Maggie joined the Knights of Gore in 2021. She has married Marco of the house of Ronan.