Drew Wheeler- Squire Aeron Banes


On his older brothers 18th birthday, his father named his brother the recipient of the family inheritance. This upset Aeron, as he felt he did more for the family than his older brother did, and he got into a fight with his father.
Since his brother had the rights to the inheritance, Aeron left to try and make a living on his own. He would send letters to his sister, Raynagh, keeping her updated on all his travels, until the crusades happened and his life became too busy to continue to communicate.

His journeys led him to apprentice for a blacksmith where Lord Jeffery stopped for repairs on his way to the Holy Land. When Lord Jeffery saw the quality of Aeron’s quick repairs, he asked Aeron to join him as a squire.
Aeron has been squiring for Lord Jeffery ever since, even being reunited with his younger sister, Raynagh, when Sir Ronan Dubhberach joined Lord Jeffery’s ranks.