Destiny Bullard- Kestrel Mackenzie, Esq.


Destiny joined the group in February 2011 and hails from Bristol, Connecticut. Her favorite weapon is the dussack. Her personal colors are purple, black, and gold.

Character Bio:
Kestrel was born in Glenfinnan, Scotland. The youngest child – and only daughter – of a metal smith/merchant who ran the village’s smithy along with most of Kestrel’s male relatives, she grew up a bit wild, and with very little female influence. Her mother, an aunt, and two cousins were the only other born-Mackenzie women. The whole extended family lived in a cluster up on a ridge above the village, and, being the youngest and smallest, she was often overlooked. However, this worked more in Kestrel’s favor, than against her.

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Gary Joiner- Archibald Winters, Esq.


Gary hails from Sturbridge, Massachusetts and has been with the Knights of Gore since February 2016. His favorite weapon is the long sword.

Character Bio:
Archibald Winters, Esq. is a childhood friend of Lord Jeffery that was separated by events and years, only to be later reunited on the road back from the crusades. A squire of the late Sir Arthur Dennison whose party met their demise in Jerusalem the sole survivor of the slaughter Archibald was trying to make his way back to the homeland when his path fortuitously crossed with Lord Jeffery. Archibald Winters Esq. is a veteran warrior who had taken an arrow to the kidney and can no longer bear the weight or weapons needed to fight. Now he provides his service as the Chief Armorer and Herald for the Knights when they are in tournament. Archibald’s skill in making, mending, and being a voice for the Knights of Gore encampment is inimitable, and respect for him is high in the troupe.