Our Brave Knights

Jeffery Allen Evans- Lord Jeffery

Our Fearless Leader and Founder

Lord Jeffery founded the Knights of Gore in 2007. Jeffery hails from Dudley, Massachusetts. His favorite weapon is the Danish axe. His personal colors are black, purple, and gold.

Character Bio:
Lord Jeffery’s story is as so: Silver Kingdom was where I was appointed Sir. I am a Lord of the lands of Gore. Basic Robin Hood story. Leave for crusades. Met Altan as my guide. Come home along the way amass an army to take back the lands of Gore from seizure.

Ronald Crawford- Sir Ronan Dubhberach​

General Manager/Knight

Ronald has been with the Knights of Gore since June of 2016 and hails from Guilford, Connecticut. He prefers the use of his fists to weapons, though is skilled in weaponry as well. His personal colors are black and yellow.

Character Bio:
Ronan’s origins are clouded. What we know is that he was born to a noble family from the steppes of Russia. His father wandered and found himself in Scotland during his travels where he fell in love with a lovely noble Scottish Highland Lady. They produced three sons, of which, Ronan was the youngest. Being the third son, he realized early on that he would never succeed his bothers so he would have to make a name for himself some other way.

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Frank Perrin- Sir Altan Al-Farris

Fight Choreographer/Knight

Frank joined the Knights of Gore in 2010 and serves as the fight choreographer as well as a trainer. His favorite weapon is the Shamshir and shield. His personal colors are black, red, and white.

Character Bio:
Bulgarian parents on the Eastern Europen Steppes. After a raiding party sacked his village, Altan was sold to the Sultan of Cairo to be trained as one of his personal Mamluks (elite soldiers). After completing his training he was sent to Jerusalem where once defeated in battle was taken as prisoner by the Crusaders, led by lord Jeffery. After years of disdain and emotional turmoil, eventually Altan tracked down Jeffery and attempted to kill him. However after a close fight, the two reconciled their differences and soon after Altan became Jeffrey’s first Knight.

Soon after the deed to Jeffery’s land was secured, Altan relocated to the Mongol occupied state of Persia where he married Natalia Romanov, a daughter of a high prince in the golden horde. This decision to move to Persia placed Altan in a more Western friendly area and is creating new political opportunity to secure aid in Jeffery’s mission to secure his homeland.

Douglas Yeager- Sir Douglas Gerard

Senior Knight/Knight School Director

Douglas joined Knights of Gore in October 2010 hailing from Willimantic, Connecticut. His personal colors are red and yellow.

Character Bio:
Old knight near the end of his life, world weary, and disillusioned with fighting unneeded wars and faithless nobility, but, will draw his sword and raise the banner one more time if it will make that last difference. Think Don Qixote in purple.

James W. Hock- Sir James MacGregor

Senior Knight/Hawker

James hails from Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

Character Bio:
An old Scot warrior and Lord Jeffery’s uncle, who spent many years in the crusades. He returned a little shell shocked. Lord Jeffery Allen Evans won’t let him fight any more so he putters around the encampment yelling at everyone.

Timothy Hock- Sir Thomas Rogers


Tim joined the group in January 2012. Tim hails from Manchester, Connecticut. His favorite weapon is the axe. His personal colors are black and green.

Character Bio:
Thomas is an Earl from Dingwall, Scotland. He used to be a traveling merchant selling fabrics of wool, silk, and camel hair. Over the years he unknowingly subjected himself to mercury, and has periods of instability as a result. He has a lovely wife named Accalia that helps him tend to his castle.