Our Amazing Support Team

Michelle Normandin-Lady Michelle of Gore

(Lady of Lord Jeffery)

Christopher Valli - Christoph of Bavaria


Chris joined the Knights of Gore in 2021 from Winsted, CT where he runs a HEMA (historical European martial arts) group called Laurel City Historical Fencing. He is a 30-year student of martial arts and is always happier with a sword in his hand. His personal colors are red and gold.

Character Bio:
Christoph was born and raised in the Bavarian city of Burghausen to a family of bakers. Christoph found himself fascinated by the knights and men-at-arms of Burghausen Castle and would often sneak around to watch them being trained by Swordmaster Paulus Kal. Eventually, Christoph was caught by Kal, who took the boy under his wing and began teaching him the Kunst des Fechten (Fighting Arts) of the German masters. When he was old enough, Kal gave Christoph a letter of recommendation and send him to Nuremburg to complete his training with the Marxbrüder Fencing Guild. After years of training, Christoph earned the title of Swordmaster with the Guild. He then left Nuremburg seeking adventure and a wealthy patron in need of a sword instructor, and met Eila’s father. Christoph was then hired to train Eila’s brothers, and once they became adept, decided to travel with Eila as his patroness, where they met upon the Knights of Gore, who values Christoph’s mettle and skill with all manor of weapons. Christoph now trains the fighters in all the houses in the Knights of Gore encampment.

Rest In Peace- Mitch Werthman