Our Amazing Support Team

Michelle Normandin-Lady Michelle of Gore

(Royal Lady of Lord Jeffery)

Jennifer Meister Fowler- Lady J’ene Dubhberach

(Royal Lady of Sir Ronan)


David Andrukevich- Arn

David joined the group in 2007 as well and serves as whatever Lord Jeffery needs him to be. He hails from Hamden, Connecticut. His weapons of choice are the spear and axe.

Character Bio:
Arn’s story is he is an excommunicated Templar with Norse roots who met Jeffery outside the City of David. Arn helped Jeffery learn the truth about his father and Arn’s service to him as his lieutenant/friend.
Sir Jeffery smuggled Arn out of Jerusalem as his servant to repay him.
After checking on his family and finding it has prospered, Arn let out to join Lord Jeffery and stands by him serving him as he did his father.
Friend, confident, advisor Arn will always stand by Lord Jeffery’s side serving as needed.
Jeffery has said he has an Arn to do what his knights cannot, because Arn isn’t bound by religion or a knight’s doctrine.

Gary Joiner- Archibald Winters


Gary hails from Sturbridge, Massachusetts and has been with the Knights of Gore since February 2016. His favorite weapon is the long sword.

Character Bio:
Archibald is a childhood friend of Lord Jeffery that was separated by events and years, only to be later reunited on the road back from the crusades. A squire of the late Sir Arthur Dennison who’s party met their demise in Jerusalem the sole survivor of the slaughter Archibald was trying to make his way back to the homeland when his path fortuitously crossed with Lord Jeffery.

Tom Budris
Chris Chenard
Elizabeth Flanigan
Thomas Flanigan
Brian Perez
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Josh Ramos- Olympiodours Argyrus
Sam Raffles
D. Leviathan
Marc Vallen
Robin Williams
Rest In Peace- Mitch Werthman