Joia Des Rennes

While updating her selections, she needed to raise money for materials and took a job working as a barmaid at locale tavern in a village that was a frequent camping area for armies returning from the crusades. Joia met many of the warrior of Gore in the tavern and found them to be honorable, gregarious, and friendly; she also noticed that their attire was in a very sad state, not for lack of money, but as it was never practical in constant battle to maintain them.

One night, while they slept she snuck into their camp and mended the tabards and clothing which were hanging on the tents and poles, much like old story of the cobbler and elves; by morning everything was pristine and amazing. When they rose they were excited and went to the tavern to celebrate their good fortune where they found Joia asleep by the fire, covered in scraps from the repairs, they quickly realized who made their “miracle” possible. They collectively dropped to their knees and begged her to journey with them, and she has been a part of their forces ever since. Joia has even starting training to fight, slowly obtaining bits of armor from fallen enemies in the field.