Jessica Esposito- Lady Accalia Rogers

Her mourning parents was so over joyed to find that not only did their daughter survive, she was return to them.
Her father wished to repay the man who saved his daughter, but the earl only asked for the girl’s hand in marriage as he much enjoyed her company. Accalia accepted and the two we wed in the early autumn. Through their marriage Accalia became an Earless, or the better known term, Countess. Accalia has traveled many years with earl Rogers since then. Together they have one daughter, Noella Rogers. Accalia is lady of the manner as her beloved husband suffers mad hatter’s syndrome. She takes care of most matters, her land as well as her husband’s land and their inherited castle of a manner. She often is her husband’s arming squire. She travels with him where ever he goes.
Being part Gypsy, she lacks some of the custom behaviors that a proper lady should have, but she is learning. She is strong and able, gentle.and kind. Accalia is shy, but protective, and fair. Accalia adores cats. Accalia and her husband opened their home to women in need, who now help to care for things and have since become servants there working under Accalia. Accalia has been learning to fight and how to care for weapons, armor, and their history, so to best defend her lover as well as herself so together the can face anything. Accalia currently lives in Dingwal, Scotland, her place to call home when she is not traveling along side Thomas Rogers.
Accalia joined Knights of Gore, after her husband held a tournament for rights of castle Gore, their neighbor. Accalia had no clue that Rogers had been setting claim to their castle that had been vacant for quite some time. Rogers, in his loss of mind was taken prisoner by Lord Jeffrey. Accalia had to plea for his release. With proof of his insanity caused by the mad hatter’s syndrome a bargain was made. He is waiting trail and has agreed to travel with the Knights of Gore under Lord Jeffrey. Accalia has traveled along side him.