Jacob Hawkins- Koba "Black Wolf" Volkov

Character Bio:
This attack lead to the retreat of the Black Wolf clan from what was left of their once thriving village in the beautiful river valley to the frigid, towering forested mountains that have watched over them and their village for centuries.
Surrounded in superstitious folklore of bad omens and mystery, the Black Wolf were hesitant but saw this as their only option to regain their foothold in a place no family or clan in the region would dare to step foot.

When Koba was evolving from a young boy to a young man, the Black Wolf clan had found strength over the years spent in their new home in the mountains, and had grown to be stronger than ever, they traced down the Koslov Clan’s whereabouts and came back to the flat lands seeking them out with a vengeance. The Black Wolf desecrated the majority of the Koslovs, leaving only two young heirs named Nikolai, and his older brother Nikita whom fled with what warriors they had left to command, to become a nomadic clan of mercenaries in order to survive. Koba being near the same age as Nikolai, saw him as his personal enemy. Koba reveled in the victory his clan had claimed over the Koslovs, some say he became drunk with a blood thirst for those who were lucky enough to flee. Koba eventually years later, told his clan that he simply HAD to find the remaining Koslovs, “finish what those silver hungry bastard children started” return home with their heads, and the peace of mind to migrate their people back into the river valleys and live peacefully once again.

Koba travelled westward, making his way up and down the coast searching for any clue of where Nikolai, Nikita and their brigands were hiding out, or traveling to. Stumbling out of a tavern after yet another failed day of searching for anyone who knew the name Koslov, Koba overheard the town drunk obnoxiously shouting of a story of which a Lord Jeffery of the Knights of Gore had slain a young Russian warlord named Nikolai, cheering and laughing as he spoke the story with slurred speech. Koba approached, put his hand around the town drunks neck and simply but sternly asked “Koslov?” The town drunk responded confirming what Koba feared most. Someone had slain Nikolai before him.

Frustrated, confused, angered, but happy with the news of the so called “bastard prince of the Koslovs” he set out farther west across an ocean to find the Knights of Gore and their Lord. He vowed to find answers to what had happened over all these years, and promised his shield to the man who had ended the last life Koba wished to end himself.

Upon discovering Lord Jeffery’s story of losing his kingdom and castle deed, Koba found mutual respect in him being that he had lost his home before as well, the two became better acquainted as friends, and Koba found love in each of Lord Jeffery’s Knights, being as diverse as they were he felt he had found a family away from home, a close bond with another easterner named Altan Al’Faris and promised to be of any aid to them in peace or in battle. “Whether you find yourself in need of a hot meal, or a blade by your side and a shield at your back, howl to the northern sky, and the Black Wolf will hear your call.”

This is where Koba Volkov’s chapter begins with the Brotherhood Knights of Gore.