Ronald Crawford - Guilford, Connecticut

Ronald has been with the Knights of Gore since June of 2016. He prefers the use of his fists to weapons, though is skilled in weaponry as well.

Ronan’s origins are clouded. What we know is that he was born to a noble family from the steppes of Russia.  His father wandered and found himself in Scotland during his travels where he fell in love with a lovely noble Scottish Highland Lady.  They produced three sons, of which, Ronan was the youngest. Being the third son, he realized early on that he would never succeed his bothers so he would have to make a name for himself some other way.  This personal quest led him to the far corners of the globe, fighting with monguls, raiding with Scottish rebels, learning all he could from anyone who would teach him, and he carries the scars as a reminder.  

Word reached him of a man, who was building quite a reputation for honor, fighting in the crusades, Lord Jeffery…  Sir Ronan crossed half a continent to reach the holy land, only to find Lord Jeffery had returned home to his castle.  Ronan was always been just one step behind Jeffery and his knights.

Ronan continued his pursuit with his squire Raynagh into England.  They set up camp but were awakened by the sounds of battle.  Jeffery and his fighting force were camped in an adjacent valley, had been caught off guard, and were ambushed during the night.  

Ronan and Raynagh rushed into battle quickly identifying the brigands and dispatching them.  Jeffery mistook Ronan for one of the brigands and almost struck him down, but something told him Ronan was no enemy.

Ronan and ventured forth with Jeffery and his troop and eventually became one of his knights.  He found in Jeffery’s camp a courageous and ambitious man named Federick, who was the cook. Ronan recognized his potential and took him on as another squire.  Ronan and Federick became fast friends, although Ronan often refers to him jokingly as “the worst squire, EVER!”