Kristina Beach - Shelton, Connecticut

Kristina joined with KOG in October 2018.

Raynagh is the fourth child of 4, the only girl. She grew up rough housing and sparring with her older brothers. When the crusades happened, Raynagh’s brothers left to join the cause. Soon the fighting spilled into her home, ending with her mother being caught in the crossfire. With her brothers and father off fighting, mother dead, Raynagh disguised herself as a male and joined the crusades in search of her remaining family members. She was even able to gain some notoriety before being found out as a woman. After she was found out, no one wished to associate with her, including her brothers and father, and she soon found herself alone once again. Her path crossed with Sir Ronan’s whom had heard her story and cared not that she was a woman, but more she was capable of holding her own. Sir Ronan allowed her to join him in his travels and she has been his loyal squire ever since.