Kristina Beach- Squire Raynagh Solanh

When her father and brothers left her in the care of a distant elderly relative of her mother to fight in the crusades, Raynagh was none-to-happy. Raynagh lived for years with the kindness of the elderly spinster woman until intercepting a letter from her middle brother stating her father was dead, her other brother about to be, and he was not in the best of shape either. He apologized to her, on behalf of their father for leaving her behind and for not being able to see her before he died. That was the last word she heard from any of her family.
With her family gone, Raynagh became angry. The lifestyle of dresses, sewing, baking, and tending home she was put into, was not what she was used to, nor what she wanted. In the night, she left her relatives home, never to return. She was kind enough to leave a note, explaining her decision and her choice to join the crusades in her fathers honor.
Raynagh did well in the fighting, but left to pursue a more lucrative lifestyle. This desire brought her to tournaments around the country. Being a woman, she was unable to compete, however, she used her middle brothers name, her mothers old nobility and lied her way to even gain some notoriety.
It was at such a tournament, she crossed paths with a Knight, Sir Ronan Dubhberach. Raynagh was competing in a sword contest, when her helm was removed revealing her long, flowing, red hair. Having discovered she was a woman, they locked her in the stocks, for the whole town to see.
Little did she know, Sir Ronan had been watching her fight the entire time, seeing her potential and caring not that she was a woman. Sir Ronan arranged for her to be released and she joined him in his travels, a loyal squire to this day.