Dave Durfee - Pawcatuck, Connecticut

Federick was born into a family of servitude. His father before him was the cook for a prominent household of the time, his mother, a chambermaid for the lady of the house. Federick at a young age showed interest in his father’s work as a cook and soon found himself helping in the kitchen when he was old enough. After the death of his father, Federick took over the role for the next generation of the house. When the fights of the crusades took over the land, Federick defended his home as best he could. Lord Jeffery amid the fighting took refuge in what he thought was the abandoned home of Federick. Federick seeing Lord Jeffery exhausted and hungry fed him and allowed him to stay in the safety of the home. In return, Lord Jeffery allowed Federick to join him to help feed his now growing army. When the visiting knight, Sir Ronan, saw Federick messing around with the swords one evening, he saw the potential of a fighter and took Federick under his wing as a squire. Federick has proven to be a competent squire, but his first love is his true passion, cooking.